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14 May 2015

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27 March 2015

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6 August 2012

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A Model Take off
9 July 2012

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Knox County Sunset
3 July 2012

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Bridge In Windows
8 March 2012

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Natural Selection
19 January 2012

Thumbnail image

Everyday a Hero
20 December 2011

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A Little Street Music
10 December 2011

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Bang the Kinetic Drum
25 November 2011

Thumbnail image

Afternoon Light
7 November 2011

Thumbnail image

The Ebonite Tornado
23 January 2011

Thumbnail image

10 October 2010

Thumbnail image

Chips & Sips
21 September 2010

Thumbnail image

The Machine
4 May 2009

Recent Comments

farNaaz50 on Cleveland
Great framing and excellent color and contrast .

L'Angevine on Cleveland
oh excellente cette vue

farNaaz50 on Peacock
YES :)

Harry on Peacock

L'Angevine on Peacock

farNaaz on Cracked Like an Egg
I missed the special and very strange places that were in your photos .

farNaaz on Cracked Like an Egg

farNaaz on Cracked Like an Egg
Hello oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ..............................

farNaaz on Cracked Like an Egg

farNaaz on Cracked Like an Egg
...Is there any body here ? ..............

farNaaz on Cracked Like an Egg

jury on ERDFC....

farNaaz on Cracked Like an Egg
... and still hope you are fine ...

farNaaz on Cracked Like an Egg
Hope you are fine . Good day .

farNaaz on Cracked Like an Egg
You still can find such places to photographing ! This one is fantastic .

Harry on Buffalo Pump
Very well-done industrial scene. I like the rust as well as the asymetrical piping and window.

Tat à l'Oeil on Buffalo Pump
Belles textures

L'Angevine on ACME
là nous sommes bien dans des décombres qu'il faut faire mais attention en marchant mais aussi ...

Bill Brown on The Glass Office
Very interesting!

L'Angevine on The Glass Office
est-ce que tu as traité ce cliché légèrement en HDR???

Harry on The Ol' Soft Shoes
Interesting lines in this photo of peeling and decay.

Tat à l'Oeil on The Ol' Soft Shoes
amazing !

Mariana Maoduš on The Ol' Soft Shoes
something definitely forgotten ! neat find !

Blandine111 on The Ol' Soft Shoes
Time just stop to let us the impression of "hanging"! Well done!

Ellebasi on The Ol' Soft Shoes

farNaaz on The Devil is in the Details
Scary shot , interesting title .

Harry on Wash Thy Hands
Excellent industrial site. I have washed my hands in sinks like this too many times. Perhaps the factories I worked ...

Gérard Beullac on Wash Thy Hands
Amazing !

Gérard Beullac on Arched Windows
Superb !

Soheil on Arched Windows
very creative. nicely done have a nice day ;)

Tat à l'oeil on IDEA
excellent !

farNaaz on Tres Pipes
correction : better than ..

farNaaz on Tres Pipes
Better that ever Michael .

L'Angevine on Tres Pipes
j'adore ce moulage

Aubélia on Tres Pipes
Beautiful tones and light.

Nazzareno on Tres Pipes
Wow! I love the mood in this one

L'Angevine on Office Spaces
on peut en trouver des bricoles

Gérard Beullac on Office Spaces

Harry on Spool of Light
Nice processing and interesting framing of this abandoned industrial locale.

farNaaz on Reflection in Space
Such eye catching depth .

Siepi on Spool of Light
Great framing of this industrial heritage, colours, lightbalance --> Fantastic!!

Tat à l'Oeil on Spool of Light
Great shot !

Tat à l'Oeil on X
So nice !

farNaaz on X
That line makes the photo more attractive .

Moein on ERDFC....
Other one original art

Moein on Hallway

Harry on Hook Line & Abandoned
Wonderful industrial ruins shot.

Gérard Beullac on Hook Line & Abandoned
Strong industrial symbol.

Harry on Torch on Wheels #2
Very nice - perhaps the best in this series. The bright yellow appliance is perhaps too centered but it looks great in ...

Harry on Solid State Technology
Hey, I used to work in a room like that. Nicely observed.

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